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All you need to know about Linapacan

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Eli Caves

Caseledan Spanish Fort

Cagdanao Island

Inapupuan Island

Pangadlawan Island

6.Bolina Island

Patuyo Beach

Cala- cala Island

Pical Island

Barangonan Island

Dimancal Island

Calibangbangan Island

SeƱora Cave

Magransing Island

San Miguel Marine Protected Area

Cagbatang Island

Manligad Island

Doble Nueve Cliff

Cacayatan Island

Bangabangan Island

Rawis Beach

Binulbulan Beach

Cabunlawan Island

Nangalao Island

Barangonan Island

Ginto Island

Bela-bela Islet

How to Get There

By Air

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By Sea

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By Land

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How to get Around

How to get around