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Overview of the Province

Lying in the southwest portion of the main group of Philippines Islands and pointing as if it were a dagger towards the northeastern corner of Borneo is the long and narrow province of Palawan. With an area of 14,649.73 square kilometers, it is the largest province in the Philippines in terms of land area. Palawan is known as the Philippines’ Last Frontier and as the Philippines’ Best Island.

About palawan

Our Story

The Spanish colonizers called the islands “Paragua” and installed the seat of administration at Cuyo island but later transferred I was it to Puerto Princesa City, the present capital of province Later, the American changed the province’s name from Paragua to Palawan. A second class province, Palawan is made up of 1 Highly Urbanized City (Puerto Princesa), 23 municipalities, 367 barangays which excludes the 66 barangays of Puerto Princesa. Also Puerto Princesa is known as the largest town in terms of land area. The smallest is the municipality of Kalayaan which was created by virtue of P.D. No.1596 dated June 11, 1978.