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6 basic tips to keep in mind before traveling to Palawan

Provincial Tourism Promotions and Development Office G/F Ramon V. Mitra Building, Palawan Provincial Capitol Complex, Puerto Princesa City 5300

Brought to you by Provincial Tourism Promotions and Development Office

Tip no. 1

Do research about the tourist spot you are going to visit.

Prior knowledge about place makes you more feel home and comfy

Tip no. 2

Be specific with your airport of entry.

We do not want you to end up at Puerto Princesa, when your destination is Coron. They are two diffferent places with two different airports.

Tip no. 3

Be aware of the local culture and of the existing environmental laws.

Be culture sensitive. Removing or catching of some sea creatures such as starfish is strictly prohibited.

Tip no. 4

Transact only with DOT-accredited tour operators.

We don't want to ruin your Palawan vacay. So, please be wary online scammers.

Tip no. 5

Always have a back-up SIM card for other network provider.

There are some places that only have one working cellular phone signal. Better, ask your partner tour operator if it's deadspot in the place you are about to visit.

Tip no. 6

Ready your video or selfie cam.

Instagrammable paces await, so, make sure to have it with you with your powerbanks, always.